Tuesday, September 29, 2015

{local adventures} ~ NYC in mid-September

It was a good but full day.
Lunch with husband, breakfast at a diner,
shopping for trip away to MamaBird Emma and other things.
I found a new white blouse....
The Micheal's in NYC is most unusual in it's sudden high windows
and I am guessing apartments above it.
Trader Joe's I am thankful to esp. for having French Vanilla Ice Cream
which my local grocery stores seem to have stopped carrying.
How anyone prefers the other Vanillas without the creamy French taste
of French Vanilla is yet a mystery to me!


Daleian said...

I would love to go to NYC! Those high windows look beautiful!

Jennifer said...

It looks like you had a nice trip. I like that ice cream too, but I like any kind of vanilla ice cream, it's my favorite flavor. :)

Apseed I said...

I hope you had a lovely trip!

Zena said...

So lucky to live near NYC! Every women should have a good classic white blouse or several:) I have heard so much about Trader Joe's, it sounds like such a great grocery shop.