Saturday, August 09, 2008

A Beautiful Morning

The weather this morning is perfect! Sunny, cool and green. I went to liturgy for St. Herman's day and then went to the natural foods store downtown and to my other grocery store.

The first week of my job (3 days since Monday was a holiday here in Ontario) was a bit overwhelming. I am feeling better about it now, but still have a lot to learn and figure out. It is wonderful to have a job that I have Friday off! Such a relief. This Friday I cleaned and made it (albeit late) to vespers for the eve of St. Herman's day. Yesterday was the 4 year anniversary of my chrismation, so it was good to be in Church. I did not even realize that I was chrismated on the Eve of St. Herman's day! I am not surprised though, since I started my journey in his church in Langley. And a wonderful beginning it was there - it has been over 4 years since I was there now, but it is hard to get back. As I already live miles and miles from my family, it is hard to get to other places. Hopefully someday, if God wills.

I am gearing up to move - have not given (2 months) notice yet, but am really anxious to move. My place is a two room (not two bedroom) apartment plus bathroom; what may be called a jr. 1 bedroom or a glorified bachelor. One of my closest friends calls it a glorified dorm room! I only have one narrow closet in the whole place, etc. So now that I have a permanent job, I am quite eager to find a nice one bedroom apartment downtown. I am dreaming of sunlight, wood floors, a living room and big closets.

I am on the old calendar at my home church (I go to the OCA Cathedral a lot too) and so we are not in the Dormition fast quite yet. So today I bought chicken to make "Ranch Chicken Bites" - a slightly unhealthy but yummy dish of chicken baked with ranch dressing and crushed sour cream and onion potato chips. YUM.

I am reading a bunch of mystery books for relaxation/de-stress time. For the fast I hope to read some Church Father's homilies on the Dormition.

Having a three day weekend makes a huge difference! I feel like I am able to put away the stress of my new job and immerse myself in the rest of my life - cleaning, cooking, church, friends. I am hopeful about my future and feel happy on this beautiful sunny day.


Mimi said...

It sounds like a lovely Feast Day, and Happy Anniversary and Many Years.

elizabeth said...

thank you!