Monday, August 11, 2008

Orange Toblerone Gelato

So the Dormition Fast for me starts this Thursday. Meanwhile I really liked my Gelato O-T cone I had tonight.

It is a lot of work to learn to run a small library. As long as I am not expected to work overtime I think I may be a happy camper, I hope. There is potential, at any rate.

I am really loving the lunch hour that I can be home for (I live and work downtown) and I love that I do not have to leave my house until 8.30 am. this is incredibly wonderful, after having to leave at 7 am or so for the last year.

Am reading Jane Langton's _Emily Dickinson is Dead_. She is an interesting (mystery) writer. I met her when I was 19. Her books always start with a theme of something triggering something that goes and builds throughout the book.

Gave Josephine Tey's _Franchise Affair_ to a friend to read. J. Tey is a great past British mystery writer.

We are having lots and lots of rain here - sunny then humid then raining by late afternoon. Today it even hailed; hail was jumping off my small wooden balcony.

I am aware of the tenuousness of this life; am praying for various people who are seriously ill. Lord have mercy.


Mimi said...

Oooh, aren't those lovely, those last few dairy filled treats before a fast starts?

And, I've not read any other Tey than the one about Richard III, but I LOVED that one.

I'm glad that your job is going well.

elizabeth said...

I loved that one by Tey as well... _the daughter of time_... was a very good book!

Mimi said...

Yes! And, my kids lost it on the way to give to my mom. Grrrrrr. I should order another copy.