Sunday, July 06, 2008

here again


about the foot:

1. foot still broken
2. wound not infected - got better
3. appointment with specialist for foot exam this Wednesday

about my new job:

1. work did not realize how injured I was and sent me home early from training
2. they say I am to be on the payroll and that I cannot work until I am better
3. doing paper work tomorrow...

about daily life:

1. crutches - I am walking better on them
2. lots of $ spent on taxi rides
3. it is hard to make food to eat when I have one hand free (other one holding on to something so I do not fall as I am on one foot).


1. need God's mercy
2. need prayer
3. need food. (friend is making me food tomorrow)

on other notes...

1. liturgy tomorrow! St. John the Baptist (And His Mom, St. Elizabeth!) (old calendar)
2. Cleo the Cat really misses the normal routine and having me walk around... I can't do as much for her or play with her. a SERIOUS problem in her view.
3. I heard Fr. Thomas Hopko and Frederica M-G speak this past week. This was great.

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Mimi said...

Continued prayers - and nice about your work.