Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Various and varying things

the list:

1. i am doing a job application. due friday. prayers welcome.
2. i am going to see my Oma this weekend - she is 99 - this means i am missing church but my Oma is 99 and i will DV also see my parents and aunts and uncles. i am flying to Brampton and my ears are still a bit plugged. am taking decongestants, chewing gum, etc.
3. some of my books from my parents house are coming with my parents and will be greyhounded to ottawa. many of these books i have not had with me since 2004.
4. i am drinking tea in the kitchen and Cleo is sitting on my gold chair. Bach is playing in the background.

back to my resume.

oh. i think i still like being a librarian. i really actually want to keep my job where i am at, but they cannot yet tell me if i will have anything past May 29 so i have to keep my options open.

okay. back to work...


Mimi said...

I have missed DL for time with my Grandma as well, and I belive it is time well spent, and I am sure that God does as well.

And, enjoyY!

elizabeth said...

thanks... :)

i will be in a prodestant Dutch nursing home church ... it is hard to miss Liturgy!

it will be a blessing DV to see my Oma...