Sunday, October 14, 2007

story from my childhood

I have been thinking about this story from my childhood...

I grew up in a Protestant church; when I was a kid... under ten, but do not know what age, I heard a sermon about the last shall be first.

So that same day we had some sort of family gathering, with dessert. Well, thinking I was all smart, I told my Mom I would go last. Clearly my Mom, I reasoned, would of been listening to the same sermon. She would thus be so touched that I was listening too and was such a Good Angelic Girl that I would be able to go first. A Spiritual Goody-Goody I guess. WELL. My Mother had listened to that sermon. Her answer to my offer to go last - showing her great wisdom as a Mother and as My Mother:

"Okay, you can go last."

I was thinking, oh My Mother did not listen to that sermon. Clearly she would of let me go first, as the last go first and I offered to go last. HA. Silly Me!!!

Clearly I was just trying to go first and failed to receive the lesson or the point of this sermon. Thank God My Mother is wise.

and Thank God that He can teach me (even me) that I should go last and not because I want to go first. (Of course I am still learning this lesson).

Glory to God's long-suffering and His great mercy!

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