Saturday, October 20, 2007

a post about a post i linked to in this post

this post was really lovely -

the more i learn about the Orthodox church i have joined, the more i see that it is true and that the world is NOT at ALL what most people see it as.

and also the more i am convinced that the Protestant Churches have deeply and dramatically lost a great deal - in their understanding of the world, in understanding of who God is, what worship is, what a human person is, to name a few great losses

i also really like the post i linked to above as it also talks about how our society is into speed and this speed keeps people from seeing what is real. and that repentance is a very slow process, the process of healing is slow. i need to often be reminded of this. i tend to be quite impatient...

i hope it will teach me humility though, because here i have been given this Church that has Saints, that has the means of healing, and a sense of the world like nothing else... and yet i am so broken and the process is so slow - i hope that this will show me how much i am in need of God and the Church. indeed in this case it is not that i am in a place (the Church) that cannot save me, but that i have so much that needs to be saved!

truly a case of falling down, getting up, falling down, asking my spiritual father another question, getting up, falling down, getting up, asking another question, falling down,

another example of being glad that God loves and has much patience...

i encourage you to read the post above; it is better than the one you just finished reading, if you have read this far.

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