Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Wow! Unexpected Provision, Take Two

I am nearly fully astounded I think. First this morning left on the grad lounge table was a lovely soft cover large thick Cookbook called The Recipe Encyclopedia: the complete illustrated guide to cooking. When things are left on this table it is like the Side of the Road: FREE. So I now have this really cool cookbook, with great pictures!

[Side note: this of course is another reason to visit me and the others from St. Herman’s who DV will be living in Ottawa… I have another great source for making good food!]

Here is what really surprised me (and I was quite happy with the cookbook…) I found out today that I got a graduate bursary of 2 grand. Wow. I can totally save a bit of money for moving etc! This is incredible.

Though the fact that this week I have felt quite peaceful in general is an even bigger miracle. I am so grateful…

And to top it off I am going home to MI to DV:

*see one of my closest friends get married
*see family
*see other good friends
*go garage sale shopping with some female family members (mom, sister, cousin, aunts)
*go to my church in MI (I have 4 ½ churches)
*avoid doing homework!
*work on job resume
*hang out with my parents (and bug my Mom esp. … I have been advocating for some homemade chocolate chip cookies)

And of course this is a Fast-Free week! For the Feast of Pentecost. It is nice to have some feasting. I am praying that all goes well for me this week as I leave…

Hope everyone else is doing well…

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