Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Question for today:

How do we make decisions on where we live, where we put our money? I read (and need to reread) an article in the handmaiden late last night that talked about materialism—and not encouraging the urge to consume, to buy things, to keep ‘getting’. And that the North American culture is such a culture of entitlement—as in we feel entitled to all the good things. Similar to what my library class (I am taking two medical LIS courses) professors said yesterday: people do not expect to be sick and if they do not feel well, they expect to get a cure. So what are deliberate ways we can live for God with our possessions and money choices and also in considerations for ‘career advancement’ and constantly living up or beyond the salary we make? Any thoughts?

I think with this is the question of how do/can we learn to live in constant gratitude and contentment?


Simply Victoria said...

st.john chrysostum writes some pretty harsh dictums regarding material accumulation. I'll have to dig the book out and re-read it.
it's extrememly sobering.
especially once you have children. not only do you now have to keep a keen watch on your own material desires, but now you must balance material possessions against giving your kids what they need, and some of what they want. it's very difficult. I still don't have an answer.

elizabeth said...

yeah; i do not have an answer either...