Saturday, December 10, 2005

Within This Day

I have added a few of my friends to my link section; I have a lot more (including more Sprucies) I want to add, but do not have time right now.

I am going to be cleaning house, making a vegan basmati rice salad for church tomorrow and need to be at church before 4.30 pm.

Tonight I and another friend are having a memorial service for our Grandparents… I am really glad for this. I really, of course, still miss my Grandfather. It has been less than a month since he died. I think those people one really loves are never forgotten and are always missed. Thank God my Grandfather is a faithful Christian; this is a great comfort.


Stacy said...

How was the memorial service?

elizabeth said... was small, with some close friends, and i stood right behind my priest and deacon; the whole service was sung and i often found myself on the verge of tears, which is understandable i think. services like these are so important to the process of grief and healing...