Friday, December 16, 2005

Still Loving Winter

It is a very beautiful day in Ottawa. Tons of snow and it is only – 7. Now really, for winter this is quite warm. And honest—with all the layers I was wearing, I did not feel cold at all. And I am seriously thinking about walking to work on days like this… all I need to do is when I am home for the holidays… I need to find my snow pants!

NOTE--will not be blogging much until next week, as I will be traveling homewards...


Simply Victoria said...

safe travels elizabeth!
I wish I could remember the edition that 'da vinci' rebuttal was in, but it really went 'in one ear, out the other' becauce I hadn't read the book yet, and didn't understand the rebuttal, or should I say, the need for it.
should I find it, i'll pass it along!
Have a wonderful Christmas!
Christ is born! Glorify Him!

Stacy said...

I realize you're traveling but I must say I'm ready for you to be back now. Happy and safe travels anyway.

cathedral dweller said...


this has nothing to to with anything on this post but please read on ... it's interesting. i was doing some research about Tammie's family's fishing camp. As it turns out, they have their camp on Kodiak Island which is the island on which St. Herman himself lived for a while. He started a school there and then moved to Spruce Island. I believe his holy relics are now housed on Kodiak Island.

I'm sure it is by the prayers of the glorious St. Herman that Tammie's brother has become Orthodox. What a joy.

I just heard from a friend in Vancouver whom I used to work with - he is also becoming Orthodox.

Have a great Christmas!

Christ is born (in 5 days)! Glorify him (in 5 days)!

elizabeth said...

hi C.Dweller...:) i actually knew that about tamie's dad... it is a very wonderful thing...

and Victoria, thanks... i would love to read it if you find it...

and stacy, i am back... thanks so much for always commenting on my site!