Monday, July 28, 2014

A lovely meal and dinner party

Last Thursday we have a lovely
dinner party with our good friends and
Mr. Husband's parents.
Tricks to serving included having warm food covered
until the last minute.
I love using the blue and white dishes
and mis-matching them!


My friend's delicious leek soup.
I must get the recipe!!!
Drunken chicken recipe for the roast chicken ~ 
this was done in my large crock pot for 7 hours on low
and then in the oven at 425F for 30 minutes.
Carrots cooked in slow cooker under the chicken.
Gravy made with butter, flour and juice from crock pot.
Also raw carrots, basmati rice &
a green salad with goat cheese and cranraisens.

It was a lovely meal!

I just love the soup tureen for serving!

Apricot Torte for dessert with
french vanilla ice cream and vanilla bean gelato.
It was a lovely time of eating a great meal,

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Yarn Along ~ surprise knitting, meals and many books

 I am finding that it is so easy
to ball up the skeins if I use my knees to keep the 
circle intact :)

I can't say much about this knit as it is a surprise! 
It's coming along well though :)

This was the last of the corn and potatoes from
my parents-in-law's garden.
Learned a new trick when frying up lots of chicken:
for our meal on Sunday we browned up two whole
organic chickens in coconut oil (with flour, salt and pepper
covering the chicken pieces) and some of it
we put in the fridge after browning and did not cook
until the next day.
It cooked up very nicely and we did not have
to worry about dried out chicken because of
baking them and then reheating.
So good!

Conversations with Children: Communicating our Faith

it's such a special, vivid and beautiful book!
Conversations with Children continues to be a 
very engrossing and enlightening read!
It's been a busy summer with many guests in the last weeks
and I am very grateful for it all!
August is turning up to be a busy one as well...
summer is a special time of year where
schedules are changed and the sun shines
and the pool is lovely in the early morning.
I hope everyone reading this is doing well
and do tell us what you are reading and creating!
Yarn Along with us!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Our Home Has Been Blessed!

 Our House is Blessed! 

It is so very nice to have one's house blessed 
with prayer, holy water, oil and incense!  
Our priest, his Matuska and son stayed for dinner;
Mr. Husband's parents have known them all for years
and it was a lovely time of fellowship and reminiscing!

Home grown mashed potatoes & salad from parents-in-law's garden
fruit salad of red grapes and blue berries with whipped cream on the side
red wine, water
Flowers from guest's garden, vase Mr. Husband's.
Table Cloth and Candle holders were wedding gifts to me
from my Ottawa parish.
I also used rose tea towels and apron from IKEA
for the first time... 
I got these from the IKEA gift card
that my Ottawa church family also gave me.
So it was full of many memories and love, this meal...

Grandma's sauce boat.

Bowl from Halifax trip years ago.
Silver from rummage sale Mr. Husband and I went to;
other dishes from wedding, sales and bridal showers...

It was a lovely meal enjoyed by all!
Juniors cheese cake
Tea, milk, cream, sugar, agave.

My Mother-in-law helped greatly with the meal
and it was a really special time! 
We are so thankful to God for His great mercy to us!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Many beautiful and happy things ~ Feast day, Mr. Husband's ordination and Time with Family

We got word this week that
Mr. Husband would be ordained as a 
subdeacon on Friday,
our Churches' Feast day!

Mr. Husband was ordained from being a 
Reader to a Subdeacon
It was so deeply beautiful!
Three years ago I found out that 
the then unknown Reader who I married 
a year-plus-1.5 months later,
was willing to email me and our new 
life had it's beginning through emailed letters...
now we are married and he became a subdeacon 
on this wonderful feast day to St. Elizabeth!

It was so wonderful that it happened that Mr. Husband's 
parents were already planning on coming!
After the Feast Day we all went to Princeton to enjoy
a nice afternoon and early evening together.
Mr. Husband and I's first real date day in New Jersey was
at Princeton and it was really special to go back
with Mr. Husband's parents.
The above picture Mr. Husband when we were dating
said would be perfect for knights jousting
and I said would be prefect for a formal beautiful ball. :)
We then went to the chapel...

We saw the beautiful large chapel at Princeton again;
this chapel was one of the last beautiful things my
Oma ever saw in pictures as we were visiting her
and I told her about the future Mr. Husband and I's
time in New Jersey and showed her the pictures of Princeton
and esp. the chapel. She just loved all that stain glass.
It was so very special to be in this chapel those years later,
with Mr. Husband made a subdeacon that morning
and showing the chapel to his parents, the chapel that Mr. Husband and I looked at together when we were dating and loved so much.
The chapel that my Oma loved and she told me that
everyone wants a little happiness and that she was so glad 
that I was dating the not-yet-Mr. Husband.
We knew that my Oma knew we would marry and it was 
a comfort that I got to see her and show her pictures of 
my then beloved boyfriend.
was a deeply meaningful act of love 
that he showed to me and 
my family.
And so here we are, with family... :)... 
I am now, as a woman who is now a Deacon's wife,
which in the Russian tradition makes her a Matuska,
when her husband became a subdeacon, (the level before Deacon) 
she called herself a subtuska, 
and so I am now (this is a joke of course)
Subtuska Elizabeth ;)
So tomorrow DV is church and our house is being
blessed while my parents-in-law are still here.
My father-in law is making us a beautiful pantry.

More on that DV next week.
We are preparing the house and the food
for the dinner we will make after
the house blessing.
It's a special time for us and one 
that we are most grateful for!