Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bright Monday Meal and Walk on a Beautiful Sunny Evening

Mr. Husband and I went to a nice
restaurant in our small town for 
Bright Monday dinner.
Bright Monday Mr. Husband had off from work 
and we rested, did housing paperwork things...
I did a grocery run to get Paschal things for later
(including a junior's cheesecake, ice cream and 
a pizza crust and toppings for a later dinner).

We enjoyed our butter!
On our honeymoon a waiter commented to us:
everything is better with butter
and this has become part of our family,
as we build traditions, tell stories and remember. 

We enjoyed this restaurant many times,
though they are slowly changing things in ways
we are not as happy with...
but still, many festive meals there and
it will not be a place we go to as much
once we move in a month's time.
So it was a meal we savoured.

Mr. Husband got the salad with goat cheese,
tomato, endive, plump golden raisins and a 
sweet vinaigrette. 

I had the Polenta with Red Pepper Coulis,
Fresh Basil and Three Cheese Sauce;
warm, savory and delightful! 

Chicken with wilted greens, potato and natural jus.

Key Lime Pie for dessert.

Lots of good memories in this place.
we were also celebrating this anniversary. 

 We walked home a different way and 
enjoyed seeing the beauty of the small town we are leaving.

I will really miss all the beauty.

Where we are moving to is good,
but not the same.
I really appreciated Mr. Husband saying that
even though we are gaining more than losing
in this move, there is always loss with change.
Just acknowledging this was helpful for me.
We hope to close in just under 2 weeks time.
I know it will help to see the condo we are moving to,
as it will revitalize my excitement and joy
in moving to our new home.
I am glad we have time to enjoy the Bright Week 
and have a little more special before this
place is packed up for the move.
God is so merciful to us.

The paschal coffee table! 
Gorgeous linen cloth from a dear friend for Christmas,
who once we move I will be in walking distance to!
Coasters from a dear Ottawa friend.
Eggs I got last year from here.
Pear candles and tray are wedding gifts...

I am getting done slowly with this wonderful book
It is so deeply life-giving.....

As far as I ever got on Mr. Husband's sock.
I need different needles; these size one are too
short and I want longer.
Any suggestions?

I got three GK Chesterton books for Mr. Husband
for Pascha.
The high light is his book,
the everlasting man.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Two blankets, a sock, scarf, hat for this year's Bright Week Yarn Along

Making progress on the baby square blanket.

This blanket lives in this wonderful 
drawstring bag that Wanda makes!


Did a little work on my baby hat but
will need some guidance...
finished the little doll blanket
that was a practice run for me late last Spring...

I forgot how/to join in the round and did a few 
rows all on one needle, as you can see above.
But I am feeling more like I can do this,
in time... but most likely I will just 
frog and have my instructor begin it for me again
and walk me through it all...
I don't think I can do this until after I move as I will have
to devote some real time and concentration
so that I don't forget what I am doing! :)
Excited to keep trying though! :)

The Lovie blanket is over half way now!

Am on the decrease! 
Ravelry here

Books I read before bed...
which has the readings for the day,
and I just last night finished my very beloved
which was such a life-giving book
that I am sure to revisit and that
I can't say enough about:
one of my top reads for this year, without doubt.
Written with such sensitivity and 
with a way that brings us in and gives us great hope
for ourselves in Christ.
We've been having a beautiful Bright Week!
Perhaps this week is known in the 
West as Easter Week or Eastertide...
here's our Bright Monday table:

Easter (we use word Pascha, which is where
the term Paschal season comes from)...  

Christ is Risen!!!
Truly He is Risen!
Our table is spread!
The Feasting has begun!
What has your week been like?
What are you reading and making?
Do yarn along with us!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pascha Meal at Home this past Sunday evening

Pascha Table,
with Red and White Rushnyk,
Grandma's dishes, cheese, nuts, salad,
cheese Pascha, two pots of tea, Pascha bread,
water, chocolate chip cookies, 
candles and our best silver.

My Sister got me this wooden red egg from Romania
for this past Christmas.

 We had lots of wonderful goodies!
The Rum-Kokos are from a dear Romania friend 
in Ottawa that I saved for Pascha...

This was our candle from our Pascha basket last year.
I decided I will save each candle for one year
and then light it on Pascha/Sunday night at home
when we have our simple Paschal basket meal at home.

I used our wedding reception votive candles for 
icon lampadas...

It is so wonderful to continue the Paschal
celebrations at home!
Mr. Husband and I are looking forward to enjoying 
things from our basket over the coming weeks!
Christ is Risen!!
Truly, He is Risen!

Agape Vespers, Pascha Sunday


Agape Vespers and Pascha baskets!
We had a lovely Agape vespers service on
Pascha/Easter Sunday and
a egg hunt for the kids after church!
It was a lovely time!
Mr. Husband and I have a tradition of wearing our
traditional shirts on the Sunday at the Agape Vespers service...
and then we get our picture taken... :)
I think we will be making it a yearly tradition to have
one of these pictures in next year's Christmas Cards, DV :)
We had many blessings during this Holy Week,
including lots of stuff falling into place
paperwork wise for the condo we are DV moving
to in later May of this year.
It's been such a special time,
the best time of the year,
celebrating our Lord's victory over death,
His Bright and Glorious Resurrection!