Thursday, August 28, 2014

{Our time in PEI} ~ the Grounds of 'Green Gables' ~ a visit with family

Green Gables is a federal site seeing place on PEI.
A cousin's house of Lucy Maud Montgomery where
her famed books on Anne of Green Gables is
situated and taken from.
I had a lovely walk there with Mr. Husband. 
Who could not walk down "lover's lane" while there with
one's best friend, one's husband?

So beautiful.
I could of spent a lot more time there
being quiet in these woods.

I heard this gentle stream... 

I can't help but wonder how the author's 
church experience could of been better....
nature is for sure a beautiful healing place
but I can't help but think of how my understanding of
Orthodox Liturgy in contrast to this.

The red clay of PEI.

Beautiful, so verdant, so well kept.

This was a new stove made to look
old and is a place that Mr. Husband and I bought
a bowl of ice cream to share.
We sat on a bench outside eating with two spoons;
a woman with children said she had not seen
anyone do this is a very long time
and that it was romantic.
This was lovely but even more lovely was just that
what we were doing was merely simple and comfortable.
I am so glad for my Mr. Husband.

Lots of flowers here, a beautiful spot. 
I am grateful that our lives included this day.
We were with my Aunt and Uncle and my 
cousin and her son that day,
who were also holidaying in this part of Canada.
It was a very lovely day.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ottawa...a few more pictures from my visit

Saturday night vespers.

Visiting a dear friend's place who
will soon DV have baby # 3.
A beautiful peaceful visit...

My Ottawa parish, 
baskets of fruit to be blessed.
The one with the blueberries in the middle is
the woman who with her husband are like the

After the liturgy I was given a strawberry from her basket,
she asked me if "I'd found a job yet" and when she heard
that I was doing a lot of volunteering for church she understood:
you're too busy to have a job, that's good! 
It was a beautiful moment...
I went to a dear friend's home in downtown Ottawa...

I loved her kitchen and am hoping in time to 
have a shelf over my 
kitchen sink like she does..

Her beloved cat :)

Dump truck at the monastery playground
where I spent time with my godson.
Such special needed times,
my visit to Ottawa...

Yarn Along ~ Simple knit and a profound read

Doing some cream coloured wash clothes.
As I transition slowly but quickly into fall
(funny how transitions are!)
I have a lot of things that need tending...
so simple wash clothes is my go to knit for now!
I have begun the article in the latest Road to Emmaus:

I began the longer essay
A Feeling for Beauty: The Aesthetic Ground
of Orthodox Ethics 
when we were newly living in this home, before
my three weeks of kids-in-the-house
and then we had my wonderful visit of my parents-in-law and then
PEI and then Ottawa...
Meanwhile Mr. Husband was overseas for business and took
the journal with him and read this essay and began re-reading it,
he, like I, found it so very good.
It's astounding actually.
So good that we are thinking of getting extra copies
to share...
What are you reading and creating?
Yarn along with us!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

{baking & enjoying} ~ Peach Crisp for the Dormition Fast

I remember that when I was newly married,
Mat. Anna told me that part of being married
was establishing traditions...
That has held me in good stead!
Soon it will be two years of Mr. Husband and I being wed!
Last year for the Dormition Fast I made 
this peach crisp

I made it again last night...
using coconut oil instead of margarine. 

I love how versatile coconut oil is...

The only thing I would do differently is that I mixed it all
up together in the pan that it baked in.

I liked how I did it last year when the topping was more
But it is still good!
We had a bite of it hot out of the oven but 
are looking forward to having some tonight after dinner!
we had some for dinner... I think I will stay with
the margarine and be sure to add a bit more brown sugar (I was a bit skimpy on this)
and more cinnamon; it was just too 'blah'.)
I can tell that I am still adjusting to our new home by how
I feel 'homesick' for the times I had 
newly married in our first home.
I know it just takes time and 
I do indeed love our new home!
I think it's just been such a busy summer 
that I have not had a 
lot of time to feel that I have done enough 
to make this place feel many changes and all so good 
but everything takes time.
Speaking of time...
I am having a hard time staying present within time...
I've already been working on Christmas presents and wrote
a list of all I need to do in the next few months.
Dormition though and am trying to stay in the present,
in this small sweet late August fast. 

{Our time in PEI} ~ Gran's Haven ~ Our Blue Bedroom

Lovely wall paper, a sleigh bed, lace and wood floors.

 Dolls and period lamps...

A beautiful face of a time gone by.
I kept thinking when I was in PEI:
this bedroom is very adequate in the sense of
a British home where all is there
but all is essential. 
I found myself wishing to use the pitcher and bowl for washing
one's face and I did enjoy some time reading books
in this room; including the forward to Lewis' 
A Grief Observed by Madeleine L'Engle that a new but
did not feel new to me friend at the wedding said
is the main thing she remembers reading of Lewis' book.
It seemed somehow though appropriate,
that one reads of marriages that lasted till death parted them
on that weekend of my dear friend S. wedding
where so many gathered to celebrate the joining of 
a couple in Holy Matrimony, that creating a unity of one 
from two lives;
weddings are like a birth and marriage is a 
long fulfillment and working out of that birth. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

{around the house}: I do love my little desk nook

I have some icons picked out for the walls...
The lamp shade still needs to be found...
I am accepting that things take time and that 
beauty should be built into one's life and home
little by little... 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Back from Ottawa ~ a last minute wonderful trip!

I got back from my beloved Ottawa late last night/
early this past morning.
Delayed flights, etc etc. 
Last minute for Mr. Husband and I usually means
planned only 1 month or less in advance. 
So I scrambled a few weeks back to email people
of my coming.
I was able to be at my Ottawa home parish for
the Feast of Transfiguration.
It was wonderful.
I find that every time I return I process a little
more that I am not living in Ottawa or Canada anymore.
I had some tears and grief, after a long bit of not feeling this
part of things. But it also was processed and
I can honestly say I feel refreshed and ready
to begin my life here in New Jersey again.
So some highlights...
Stocking up on fair trade Camino chocolate and drinking chocolate.
The company is located in Ottawa; I am so excited to try the
hot chocolate! :)

My dear sister-friend and I went to the
Greek Monastery.

There were very cute kittens.
Future mousers.

And a dream come true for me was to hold
my almost 3 year old godson in church and
have him light candles with me and 
venerate the icons.
He kept asking me if the Mother of God was crying.
Quite touching.

Cleo on the other hand thought she should of been with me,
even though a dear friend and neighbour spent ample time with
her while I was gone! 

On my return I came home to flowers
I think from this dear friend's garden...

And wonderful soup and bread!
Mr. Husband was away for work and 
I got in just a bit before him and 
was able to rest, do laundry and get the house 
in order from the mess that unpacking always makes.
I am so thankful for the time I had,
all the people I was able to see and visit
and for being able to go back to the Greek Monastery
that Mr. Husband and I have so many memories of together! 
I hope to post more about my time in Ottawa next week
as well as more on our time we had recently in PEI!
Now the last days of summer are coming near and 
even the outdoor pool that I love in our new town will be 
closing soon for the year.
Thoughts of apple pies, apple cakes and baked bread are
nearby and I am already planning things for
the next months...
Of course all we have is now and I must
remember to be in all things with God now, today,
which is the only time we know we have.