Thursday, September 08, 2016

When all seems dark and silent...

I first wrote, a month ago, about the often painful and confusing
times in our life when it seems that we are in utter darkness,
and God's presence is no longer felt.
This has happened to me at various times in my life.
It's never easy.
I wrote about this in the beginning of August,
and have written a longer piece now, on this and hope it will be
of help to others...
This piece is published at Conciliar Post today!
Elizabeth Goudge's books are a great help to me and
I used two of her books in this essay... Here's part of what I wrote,
including Elizabeth Goudge's wonderful book, The Dean's Watch . . :

"Elizabeth Goudge’s books also speak of this experience of God’s absence and even His abandonment. Goudge’s book The Dean's Watch is one. In this book, the root cause of the feeling of desolation, the experience of being forsaken by God, came in part from great grief and personal loss. This grief was coupled with the physical depletion of, Miss Montague, leading to extreme fatigue, what would be called “classic burnout” in today’s self-care/self-help milieu. I have found that this experience of feeling forsaken by God is often in relation to both deep personal loss and illness, as Elizabeth Goudge writes.". . .


If my essay encourages others to read Elizabeth Goudge and/or
encourages them in their life,
then my essay truly 'achieved' something! 

You can read the rest of this essay here at Conciliar Post or here, at my blog with
my published essays!...


Lisa said...

Beautiful! What a joy it is to walk with our Father even during the low days and seasons! Deuteronomy 31:6

xo Lisa

Jennifer Hays said...

Congratulations on having your essay published, Elizabeth. That's really wonderful.