Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Again, a while

Well. It seems I am a semi-regular blogger. Oh well! Life is like that. The (old calendar) Feast of the Dormition ends today. Of course I do not know if this means I can have fast-free food tonight or if I have to wait until Thursday.

Regardless, I have gotten on sale a carton of French Vanilla Ice Cream, have some left over Chocolate and Mint Chocolate Chip cake and am looking forward to both!

My Cat never fasts, however and asks for Cat Milk (her version of ice cream) on a daily basis. Of course I always given in and give her some… : )

But Cleo is the Cutest Cat in Canada (though other Canadian Cat Owners have politely disagreed!) and who can resist a Cute Cat? Not me, apparently.

I started reading Quentin Bell’s biography on Virginia Woolf; I am interested in seeing how and why the English (or a lot of them) lost their faith in God and what replaced this faith. I know that Virginia Woolf’s time period, writing and circle of other writers influenced a lot of what we know of culture today. Thus I am interested; I also have always cared about this writer and admire her writing.

Of course this is a fairly large idea, understanding this, and I have not a lot of time. So it may take years, but it is satisfying nonetheless.


Mimi said...

It is hard when a fast ends on a fast day, isn't it? We (new calendar parish) had that twice this year, with both the Dormition and Apostles Fast.


elizabeth said...

thanks!!! i had popcorn and ice cream today! :)

hope you are doing well :)

Anonymous said...

Cats are exempt from fasting and glorify God in other ways ;-)