Friday, March 09, 2007

God’s Faithfulness

I thought today that I would write either one post or perhaps a series of posts reflecting on God’s love, grace and faithfulness that He has lavished my life with, His mercy following me all of my days.

The time that I am currently thinking of was the summer in-between my first and second time (known time that is, I was at St. Herman’s a few years before but my friend thought it was Catholic and I did too) at St. Herman’s. (St. Herman’s being my first Orthodox church).

I had just graduated from university, had figured out that I wanted to stay in BC Canada and was in the process of getting duel citizenship (US and Canada). Most of my friends had left for the summer and I no longer had a ride to the Anglican mission I had been attending. I had no idea how hard it would be to find a job after graduation and my parents helped me buy groceries from afar-paying for my VISA bills which I used for groceries. I had just been getting to know my friend KT better, my beloved friend churchmouse was getting married at the end of the summer. I became received my Canadian citizenship on June 13 that summer, if I remember correctly. I did not have anyone to celebrate this with who I knew well, and so it was a lonely time. But my one of my librarian friends from my university gave me a gift for this event and she and I are still in contact through email and pray often for each other. She is also the one who told me about the MLIS (library school) program that I got my degree from.

I was working on learning how to do resumes, interviews, and cover letters at a community centre and my landlords, who are Christians, were patient with me and encouraging. I met my friend Melody that summer. Though there were few friends and I have a lot of evenings and days alone, not even going to church much, as I did not have a ride, the friends I did have and meet that summer are still my friends today.

I must especially remember this: when I was in the midst of job searching and running out of money (I was doing ESL tutoring that summer through the writing centre, which is where I first met Biss) and did not know how I was going to pay rent for the coming month. During this time, I got a phone call from Student Ministries at my Christian University saying they had something for me to pick up. It was an envelope and it had either 200.00 or 250.00 dollars in it! It was the exact amount I needed to pay that coming months rent.

I must remember all of these above said events and thank and praise God for His faithfulness and remember to trust Him with my future.

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Victoria said...

God is so good, no?