Saturday, November 04, 2006

In Ottawa

Well. Today I found a table at the side of the road! A little one, that goes just right beside my oven in my very cool but still very messy kitchen!

I have been tired still, but am on the mend. May I say that I love my apartment. It practically pains me to leave it for work, I love the quietness of it…

I have been reading (began again, from the beginning) PD James’ autobiography _time to be in earnest_ and have really been enjoying it. I really appreciate her writing.

Well. I have been home since about 1.30 today and it is almost time for vespers. I was hoping to do more in my house, but have gotten some things done, and that is good… I am already looking forward to next weekend though; this Saturday there was a morning liturgy that I went to; I really just want a full day at home…

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