Monday, May 08, 2006

In London

I had my first class today – it should be good. But I am also aware that my time here will be even lonelier than my first time around; all of my close friends LIS wise have graduated and my church has no one my age in it (save one guy who is in the Army and not around much; and we never really had much in common to talk about, though he is a nice guy etc). if there are any others near my age they do not always come and are Greek and well, they tend to keep to themselves; I do not really feel fully included by them. But that is okay. There are those in my little church who did welcome me back, which was nice. In general it is a place I go to pray, to do the flowers, to be transformed. It is not a place yet for me that has a lot of potential for fellowship. Though it does have some; and there are beautiful people there; and one of my friends has long ago adopted me as her little sister and this is very meaningful.

I miss my little Russian church though and those people I was getting to know a bit better.

I can see that I am going to have to keep a close watch on my internal state, that I do not fall into any sort of self-pity because I do not have what I want!!

For God knows where I should be (here) and that it is for a purpose…

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