Tuesday, May 09, 2006

In London Take Two

Well, today is going better. Wow is school going to be busy! I am still involved in a mentorship committee (am one of the 3 co-leads) and we have lots to do for this; that and I am doing a compressed course and at times have 2 assignments due a week just for this course. It will be manageable though; I just have to keep on top of things.

And I have to figure out one of my professor’s syllabi—it seems that we have a lot to do in the course—but the work will all get done.

I am hoping to go to Waterloo this weekend to hear Mother Gabriella speak – I will take the bus, as I do not have a ride. I still have to contact greyhound to be sure this will work; I have someone to pick me up once I am in Waterloo, however. So I am going to work even harder to get all my work done so I can do this. My personal rules of living while being a student is to NOT do any school work on Sunday. Some classmates who did not know me the beginning of my MLIS degree thought this was merely an ideal, not something I would do. But I have done it, by God’s grace, and know that it is how I survived the year of school I did in the past.

Well. Speaking of school, I better get started on the work…

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