Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Job Offer Accepted!

After prayer,

consulting with many others,

your prayers,

and God's mercy,

I have accepted the job

and have cancelled my Monday interview,

based on many factors that made

the job offer a better choice for me.

I signed and emailed my letter of offer today;

I signed it in one of my places of prayer,

dedicating this next step to God,

God's protection and the help of the Saints.

Yesterday was St. Herman's Day.

It was very moving when I realized that my chrismation day

(August 8) was a day before St. Herman's Day.

St. Herman is a large part of my Orthodox journey;

it was seeing his icon on the iconostasis at

his church out West

that continued to bring me to his church...

even though my chrismation was not as his church,

as I had moved back home by that point,

St. Herman was right there with me...

That I received the job offer on the anniversary

of my chrismation (7 years this past Monday),

prayerfully decide about this decision on

St Herman's day

and to accept the offer today,

the old calendar day of my Patron Saint Irene,

is a beautiful timing of events.

I start August 29.

Right after old calendar Dormition.

This will be a real change for me,

a change for the better we all pray

and I ask your prayers as I transition to a new

chapter in my life.

Glory to God for His goodness and mercy!


Sarah Euphemia said...

Elizabeth, this is really wonderful news! Praise God! Praying for you as you begin this journey!!

Oh and St. Herman of Alaska is our families' patron saint as we were baptized on the day he is celebrated in December. :)

Emily H. said...

Great news!!

Mimi said...

I am so glad! Thanks be to God!

Michelle M. said...

Glory to God! I'm so happy for you.

Donna said...

Woo hoo! You go girl! Another librarian employed--makes me very happy :) Can't wait to read about your new daily occupation, to the degree aspects of it are bloggable here.

Donna Farley said...

Congratulations! You have waited so long for this job! Hope it's wonderful!

h west said...

Congrats!!!! I often giggle at the timing of things. . .

amy said...

Congratulations, Elizabeth!!
Glory to God for all things †

Blessed St. Herman, may he continue to remember us in the Kingdom!

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

This is absolutely the BEST news I've heard in a long while!!!

Congratulations to you and glory to God!

And thanks to St. Herman, too.

Pls keep us update on how the new job goes.

Maureen E said...

Wonderful news! Glory to God.

s-p said...

Glory to God!! May it be blessed!

Kh. Patty said...

Oh, blessings and congratulations to you. What a long time to be without work! Your faith has been so beautiful this entire time. I'm very happy for you and I hope that this new endeavor goes well!

Amy the Lion said...

Congratulations! I'm so glad that your months of job searching and interviewing are over! Best of luck with this new stage in your life.

DebD said...

Been away on a family vacation and just not trying to catch up on my blogs. What a wonderful surprise to find you have a job! It has been such a long, long time for you. Will you have to move?

margaret said...

We are very, very glad for you. That's me, both the Little Sisters and Mr Bingley who has just popped in to claw the doormat. He is convinced he and Cleo are related due to both being wonderfully creamy-beige and blue-eyed so sends special regards to her.