Monday, March 24, 2008

nearest book on page 123, three sentances after the first 5

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i am not fully playing along i admit but here is main part of it, as already posted for her in a comment...

the three sentances after the first five on pg 123:

"The second wave of imprisonment began. The first one had occured on the 15th of May 1948, with the intention of abolising the remainder of the historical political parties and the so-called bourgeious mentality. This time, however, the attack was directed percisely against God."

(next sentance)

"The targets were priests, monks, and intelletuals who attacted others to themselves, who exhibited great spiritual influence."

from the essay "The Burning Bush" by Fr. Roman Braga which is in the book _exploring the inner universe: joy - the mystery of life_ published by HDM Press, third printing, 2006 first english edition.

i was reading this one over breakfast. the long part of this book is an interview with Fr. Roman that i highly recommend reading. it gives a lot of what converts like me do not know about - what it would be like to be raised Orthodox in an Orthodox country.

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