Saturday, September 08, 2007

Madeleine L' Engle - Memory Eternal

Just found out she has passed on.

Comforted to realize that, last night, as i looked at my icons, and at the books i have, including her last book of poems, i prayed for her.

This from the NY Times:

I have expected this news for a few year; we must pray for her now.

She knew what it was to love and to give love; when I heard her speak when I was 19 the love I felt coming from her was tangible; like a spiritual grandmother.

She helped me believe in miracles and was part of my path into the Orthodox church.

Memory Eternal, may all pain be washed away...


Mimi said...

I've not read her books, but I know so many who love her. May her Memory be Eternal.

MamaMonk said...

I, too, was sad at this loss of greatness. But, her legacy lives on...