Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Did you ever have times when all of a sudden you are either restless or in someway at a saturation point?

This is how I have felt in the last day or so; like I have been walking and walking on a long arduous road and now…

I want to go drive my car that was sold years ago in Michigan on the summer country roads at 65 mph listening to the radio… on the back roads of Caledonia and the rest of Kent county.

Knowing me, it will take a long time (potentially) to figure out WHAT this means.

You know, I do not think this is what I am supposed to feel right before Lent. When I am supposed to go even harder, as it were.

It seems that as usual things are a bit jumbled for me; sometimes I think I have lived my life in upside down decades, old when I was to be young, and young now that I am well… getting older, what ever that means…

If I remember right, in medieval times, 32 was the age of maturity, of becoming an adult. I have under 2 years now.

I have been praying that I will know what it means to be an adult, to be come innocent as a dove, but wise as a snake.

Juxtapose this with the necessity for humility, and wisdom takes on many new levels…

I hope I am at least learning something, since I am learning that I have never really known who I am on many levels; it is surprising to realize that I have to figure this out yet.

Well… back to the internal challenging process of life and pursuing salvation… (and here I wanted to drive a car!)

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