Monday, January 09, 2006

At random

Some thoughts: one, I took care of the silly phone calls—left a message clearly asserting that I did own the phone number they were calling and that I wished them not to call. Not a peep heard since.

Two, I got the all new joy of cooking for my Once-in-a-Lifetime-Golden-Birthday from my parents and I am loving it. I am looking forward to cooking with it for DV many years to come.

Three, I am not able to blog much of late, as a few people have commented to me—the holidays have been so incredibly busy and since I have been back I Ottawa the wireless I was ‘borrowing’ has not been available and so I am not online much. However, this is not always such a bad thing, but it does add a bit of an inconvenience to accomplishing certain things, such as blogging.

Four, I had my Christmas this weekend. The vigil was very beautiful; as was the service this morning; the singing was first rate and it felt very good and intimate as a church family. I am always amazed at the community that I have found here and how some of my new friends really love me so abundantly.

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Stacy said...

To me "The Joy of Cooking" is ordering out. I'm glad you're enjoying your gift, though. My mom once bought me a cookbook and inscribed in the front cover: "Stacy, You need all the help you can get. Love, Mom." I'm a bit notorious for poor cooking skills.

Once, when I worked at a group home, I had a reputation for setting off the smoke alarms. My fellow staff thought they were safe from the alarms for a few days when I went home for the weekend for my birthday. While at home I decided to impress my parents with my new cooking skills by providing them with breakfast in bed. While I was cooking breakfast the phone rang and it was all of my co-workers on a conference phone calling to wish me a happy birthday. However, they couldn't hear me and I couldn't hear them because of the smoke alarm going off in the background. My parents were also running into the kitchen with robes flying and all in a frenzy as they were yelling to try and figure out what was going on. Trust me, I never heard the end of it. And my mom banned me from the kitchen.